About PLUSTrack 

As the largest toll expressway operator in Malaysia and one of the largest in South East Asia, PLUS aims to provide a safe, smooth and comfortable journey for its users including fleet operators.

PLUSTrack is a prepaid (debit) card that is formulated to tailor the commercial sector of our customers, such as fleet operators like your esteemed organization. We offer you a powerful and reliable service through the flexibility in reloading, monitoring as well as controlling toll expenditures.

Together with our reload terminals installed on-site, it provides the convenience of PLUSTrack card reload at any time as well as the its usage accessibility including on non-PLUS Highways. PLUSTrack members can enjoy better toll-cost control, reduced reloading hassle, and other exciting privileges offered by PLUS.

More than 1,600 companies have subscribed to our PLUSTrack program along with 38,000 unique vehicles registered as of today. 


What is PLUSTrack Card?

Introduced in 2008, PLUSTrack is a self-reload Touch 'n Go mechanism which aims to offer alternative payment mode for fleet managament businesses.

The purpose of PLUSTrack is to eradicate the traditional way which is giving cash to the drivers, and eliminate the urge for drivers to abuse toll payment. 

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